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Water Softening

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Say goodbye to water stains, inefficient appliances, and high energy bills. Discover your water softening solution today with Halcyon.

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Our Water Softener Systems

Find your customizable Water Softening solution.

Advanced Water Softener

Stop paying the price with hard water. Our superior technology eliminates the troublesome hard water issues while improving your water’s taste.

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Catalytic Carbon Filtration Water Softener

Take your water softener to the next level with a carbon filter to reduce the smell and taste of chloramine in your water.

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Iron Filter Water

Our enhanced Iron Filter will eliminate your home’s trouble issues from hardness, iron, and manganese levels while softening your water.

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The Benefits of a Water Softening System

Installing a water softening system improves your water's taste, and reduces scale build-up and water stains.

Improve Appliances Life

To make sure water-based appliances work well, it’s helpful to reduce the build-up of limescale.

Better Hair & Skin

Achieve healthier skin, stronger nails, and a soothed scalp with each wash.

Home Improvement

Reduce cleaning time by preventing build-up on sinks, tubs, and shower doors.